A new meaningful career for Tehana

10th March, 2021

At Job Centre Australia we’re passionate about helping people find the right role suited to their interests and skill set, so that they can succeed with their career goals. That’s why this story makes us so happy! 

Our Gold Coast candidate Tehana previously worked in hospitality, though knew she needed a career more suited to her creative personality, and that fulfilled her passion for animals and art. 

With the support of Job Centre Australia, Tehana is now working her way towards a Certificate 3 in Animal Studies and employed in a role she loves as a reptile specialist at Gold Coast Pet Centre!  

Tehana brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to reptiles, including baby bearded dragons, baby snakes and turtles (and fluffy puppies too, as you can see by this pic!). Her studies have given her a wider understanding to make this role her own, her creative flair gives her an edge, and she’s able to communicate well and build rapport quickly.  

With the ongoing support of JCAL, Tehana also plans to complete a certificate in Veterinary Nursing in the future. 

We’re proud of you, Tehana! A wonderful example of how individuals can achieve their greatest goals and a meaningful career with the right supports and opportunities in place. 

Reach out to us if we can assist you on your own journey to a fulfilling career. 

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