A Perfect Match for Debra

Gold Coast candidate Debra, came to JCAL seeking employment that would help support herself and her family. Debra participated in JCAL’s internal workshops including: Prime and Prep, Job Club, Goal Setting and Interview Skills. Due to Debra’s barriers which include, Rheumatoid Arthritis and a back injury, Debra required a job that was non-weight-bearing and having previously worked in Childcare, Swim School Teaching was suggested.

With the assistance of JCAL, Debra completed her Austswim certification and began working at Rackley Swimming as a Swim School Teacher. Now employed for 5 months, swim school teaching has proven to be the perfect match for Debra! The role has allowed Debra to do something she loves whilst looking after her body. Debra is proud to say, ‘This is my best job ever! I’m truly grateful to Job Centre Australia for all of their support.’

Debra is supported in the workplace by JCAL Training Consultant Michelle who believes, ‘With career progression opportunities currently presented to Debra, this is her forever job. Debra is well liked at work and loves every aspect of what she does.’

Congratulations Debra!

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