Job Centre Australia would like to celebrate their ongoing partnership with Hungry Jack’s Algester, as an important milestone is achieved.

Employing over 19,000 Australians, Hungry Jack’s is a strong supporter of inclusion and diversity in local communities. Hungry Jack’s Algester is no exception, working with local Disability Employment Partner, Job Centre Australia to support their vision for an inclusive workforce.

Restaurant Manager, Jacquii George, and the team at Hungry Jack’s Algester value people of all abilities within their restaurant, having developed a valuable, long-term partnership with Job Centre Australia (JCAL) and team member Darren. This month, they prepare to celebrate a wonderful milestone with Darren achieving 10 years employment at the restaurant.

Darren has proudly reached 10 years with Hungry Jack’s and is very much looking forward to celebrating the occasion with his team mates”, JCAL employment consultant and trainer Solomon Stephen. Under Jacquii’s guidance and with our onsite support, the restaurant’s culture and working environment has provided the opportunity for Darren to learn, grow and become an integral member of the business and community.”

Darren, who has an intellectual disability, began employment with Hungry Jack’s in 2010 and has always been highly motivated and dedicated to his role. Jacquii says, “Darren is a valued member of the team and an extremely hard worker. He has played a vital role in ensuring business needs are met especially during the changing day to day operations of Covid-19”. Having received several employee awards throughout his employment including many ‘Employee of the Week’ and ‘Employee of the Month’ awards, “we thank Darren for the commitment he has shown in his role and to Hungry Jack’s. Congratulations on this great achievement Darren, we look forward to working with you and Job Centre Australia for years to come!”

Darren believes he has his dream job due to the great team work and support from the Hungry Jack’s team and JCAL, and says “I’m really proud of my achievement and just love working with the team”.

Throughout Darren’s employment Jacquii and the Hungry Jack’s team have worked side by side with JCAL, to ensure ongoing success for both Hungry Jack’s as a business, and for Darren as an employee to continue to grow in his role.

”‘Partnering with JCAL has been a great experience. We have the benefit of the tapping into their support and expertise when needed, as does Darren’, said Jacquii.

Working with inclusive employers like Jacquii and the team at Hungry Jack’s is an absolute pleasure”. Solomon commented, “We have the privilege of being involved in uniting business needs with people with disability, who are keen to work and able to contribute in a meaningful way. Celebrating a 10 year anniversary with both Hungry Jack’s and Darren is a wonderful opportunity to recognise Darren’s achievements and ongoing efforts, Hungry Jack’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and also the benefits of hiring people with disability for the entire workforce and community. We are very proud of Darren and join Hungry Jack’s in commending him on this milestone

Speaking on the specialised recruitment services that JCAL provides, Solomon said “JCAL partners with businesses to achieve meaningful employment through their diversity and inclusion action plans. Working with businesses of all sizes and in various industries, we support both the needs of the business as well as the needs of their employee/s to achieve great outcomes such as this.”

If you are a supportive employer seeking to increase the diversity within your workplace through meaningful employment call Job Centre Australia now to see how we can partner with you in achieving these outcomes, 1800 466 046.