A wonderful story of success and Christmas cheer as 2020 draws to a close!

Josh, otherwise known as JD, is supported by Job Centre Australia to achieve his social, independence and employment goals. Having a natural flair for performance arts and love of dance, our team identified JD’s skills, interests and absolute LOVE of Christmas, and aligned that beautifully with an opportunity with our valued employer partner – Westfield Chatswood.

With our strong employer partner relationships, we were able to secure an opportunity for our participant Josh, making his Elf dreams come true this Christmas!

Josh loves to perform, dance and help people, and it was his dream to one day work alongside Santa handing out lollies and taking photos at Christmas time.
“I love handing lollies to children to make them happy, being in photos with kids and Santa and being a part of the joy of Christmas!”
With a friendly, outgoing and helpful nature, Josh was the perfect fit for the role and has a new found sense of confidence and independence, paving a strong pathway to meaningful employment in the future.

Click here to see a video of Josh as his best Elf self at Westfield Chatswood! and here for his interview on Studio10!

Tune in to Studio10 this Friday at 11am, 18th December 2020, to see JD and his mum Sharron interviewed, in time for Christmas, on what this opportunity means to JD and his future employment pathway.

Josh also featured in a number of Metro and Regional newspapers today, which is wonderful as we raise awareness on the benefits of a truly diverse and inclusive workforce and community. Read the stories here: Daily Telegraph, Brisbane’s Courier Mail, Melbourne’s Herald Sun, Victoria’s Geelong Advertiser, Perth’s The West, or on our Facebook and LinkedIn channels.

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