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Need assistance with work?

If you are a casual worker or laid off as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19), make sure you apply for the new Centrelink JobSeeker PaymentThe waiting period will be waived. For more information visit: Centrelink JobSeeker Payment  Register for our services for assistance to find work.

If you are a jobseeker currently required to isolate due to COVID-19 and can’t fulfil your mutual obligations, contact Centrelink immediately. You will be eligible for a 14 day Major Personal Crisis Exemption. Centrelink Contact Numbers

The Government is introducing a subsidy program to support employees and businesses. The JobKeeper Payment is designed to help businesses affected by the Coronavirus to cover the costs of their employees’ wages, so that more employees can retain their job and continue to earn an income. For more information visit: Jobkeeper fact sheet  and Employee Factsheet.

For all appointments at our offices:

If you have flu like symptomshave travelled overseas within the last 14 days, OR been in contact with anyone who is suspected to have COVID-19 (Coronavirus) please call us and we can arrange to hold your appointment over the phone.

Phone: 1800 466 046

Please be aware, DES participants must continue to participate in DES while they have Mutual Obligation or other participation requirements, and DES providers must continue to offer a DES service to these participants. Participants who need to self-isolate in line with advice from the Department of Health or a medical professional can obtain a Major Personal Crisis exemption for a period of 14 days by contacting Centrelink.

Please call Centrelink (do not attend their offices) if you need to discuss your circumstances and eligibility for an exemption from participating in DES.

Thank you.

We take the health and wellbeing of our candidates, participants, employers and staff seriously. We appreciate your understanding.